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OMNILUX Contour LED Mask

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FDA-Cleared, dermatologist-recommended, LED light therapy devices you can use in the comfort of your own home!

Protect Your Most Recognizable Feature

Our face is our most recognizable feature, to ourselves and to others. It’s our calling card to the world. Years of sun exposure and environmental toxins result in wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, and dry skin - all the visible signs of aging.

Meet the award winning OMNILUX CONTOUR

Medical grade light therapy rejuvenates your skin naturally.

As we age, damaged skin loses elasticity and the ability to regulate pigment production. This leads to sags, wrinkles, age spots, and redness. With published clinical studies and 20 years of research, Omnilux Contour uses optimized doses of red and infrared light to supercharge the body's own natural cellular healing response, and reverse the visible signs of aging.

Omnilux is recognized as the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy devices. For the first time, there is an at-home device based on proven, professional-grade technology.

Designed with the same optimized energy output and wavelengths of light as our gold-standard medical devices, you get professional results in a single 10 minute treatment session.

Omnilux stimulates the body's own, natural healing process, creating new collagen and elastin while also reducing the appearance of pigmentation, redness, and sun damage for rejuvenated, plumper skin.

Designed to perfectly conform to each treatment area for maximum comfort and results. The rechargeable controller is completely portable, allowing convenient treatments anytime, anywhere.


While other brands may claim to use "Omnilux technology", there is only one true Omnilux.

WHAT'S INSIDE 1 . Silicone fleximask 2. Control Unit 3. Power supply and country specific adaptors 4. USB conector 5.Head Straps 6. Carry bag and user guide